- Double sided mobile panels
- Grey (RAL 9007) steel stand or beech stand
- Two stand designs D- or T-stand
- Standard dimensions: 1200x1900mm and 2400x1900mm (width x heigth)
- Surface options:
  • High quality e3 ceramic steel magnetic white board surface + flip-pad holder
  • Fabric surface
  • Glass writing surface
  • Ecophon acoustic surface
  • Projection screen

 Stands can also be painted in custom colours

           WorkWall whiteboard/fabric                      WorkWall beech stand         WorkWall glass writing surface

Max Cotton colour options:

Max Cotton 2018

Max Cotton colours

Pls Note. Due to display and printing techniques, the colors do not exactly match the actual colors.
There may also be slight differences in fabric colours.


Glass writing board colour options:

Acoustic panel colour opitions: