Suitable for any space were reverberation and echo issues create an unpleasant or impractical noise level.
Meet the acoustic standards required in education. (BB93 .6 >.8 RT)

Custom sizes in Mobile, Wall fixed, or Integrated options
Over print with any design or image with colour co-ordinated frames

Sound Absorption Test results according to EN ISO 354.
•Meets ISO Class`A` 90 >100% ISO 11654
•Single value ratings for NRC and SAA to ASTM C 423.

Sound Privacy
•AC=230 according to ASTM E 1376 and E 1110

Environmental Status
• M1 Certified.
• Granted the Nordic Swan eco-label
• Certified by the Indoor Climate Lab and recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association
• Fully recyclable

Acoustic Control
Fire safety
• Tested and classified as non-combustible EN ISO 1182.